Manna Ministries

Manna Ministries, a ministry of St. Luke Simpson United Methodist Church and other area churches, provides food weekly to those in need. As a preschool, we would like to help keep the pantry stocked as well as teach our children the importance of helping others.
We, as the staff of St. Luke Simpson Preschool, work on teaching the children the importance of helping others and treating others the way we want to be treated. We feel these ideas can be expanded upon by allowing children once a month to bring a can/box of food to school for the needy. This is not a requirement. All we ask is that once a month as you complete your grocery shopping, pick up one extra item for your child to bring to school to help the needy. Each month we will have a different theme.
An area will be set up in the foyer for donations. If you choose to help us in this mission, please allow your child to help. Talk to your child about who the food is for and why. Allow your child to carry the box/can into the school and place it in the donation spot.

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